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News About The Human Species
December 13, 2017
Scientists show how Himalayan rivers influenced ancient Indus civilization settlements
London UK (SPX) Dec 12, 2017
The Indus or Harappan Civilisation was a Bronze Age society that developed mainly in the northwestern regions of South Asia from 5300 to 3300 years ago, at about the same time as urban civilisations developed in Mesopotamia and Egypt. Archaeological evidence shows that many of the settlements in the Indus Civilisation developed along the banks of a river called the Ghaggar-Hakra in northwest India and Pakistan. It has generally been thought that this was a major Himalayan river that dried up eithe ... read more

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Scientists create successful mass production system for bioengineered livers

After the fire, charcoal goes against the grain, with the flow

A dynamic East Antarctic ice sheet has repeatedly grown and shrunk

NASA scientists embark on extreme Antarctic Trek

Scientists share various perspectives on ozone layer recovery

How much soil goes get washed down the drain

Primordial mutation helps explain origin of some organs in vertebrates

Scientists revamp 'Out of Africa' model of early human migration
The "Out of Africa" model of early human migration and dispersal is outdated. As a new survey of research on the subject confirms, humans left Africa in waves, not in a single exodus. ... more
Archaeologists revise chronology of the last hunter-gatherers in the Near East
New research by a team of scientists and archaeologists based at the Weizmann Institute of Science and the University of Copenhagen suggests that the 15,000-year-old 'Natufian Culture' could live co ... more
Research suggests gorillas can develop food cleaning behavior spontaneously
Researchers from the University of Birmingham, University of Tubingen and University of St. Andrews have suggested that gorillas are capable of learning food cleaning behaviours without having to wi ... more
Paleontologists reveal Little Foot, the most complete remains of an early human relative
After 20 years of careful excavation, paleontologists are finally ready to present the world's most complete Australopithecus fossil found to date. ... more
Trump removes protection for swaths of Utah parks
US President Donald Trump slashed the size of two Utah conservation areas Monday, the first such large-scale reversal in more than 100 years. ... more
Chimp females who leave home postpone parenthood
New moms need social support, and mother chimpanzees are no exception. So much so that female chimps that lack supportive friends and family wait longer to start having babies, according to research ... more
Long-term logging study demonstrates impacts on chimpanzees and gorillas
Research has shown human disturbance can have detrimental effects on great ape populations but now, due to a study published in Biological Conservation on Nov. 27 by Lincoln Park Zoo, there is evide ... more
What grosses out a chimpanzee?
Chimpanzees do some pretty disgusting things. In their natural habitats, chimpanzees are known to pick up seeds from feces and re-ingest them. In captivity, some practice coprophagy: the deliberate ... more

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Human evolution was uneven and punctuated, suggests new research
Neanderthals survived at least 3,000 years longer than we thought in Southern Iberia - what is now Spain - long after they had died out everywhere else, according to new research published in Heliyo ... more
Chimp study reveals how brain's structure shaped our evolution
The pattern of asymmetry in human brains could be a unique feature of our species and may hold the key to explaining how we first developed language ability, experts say. Findings are based on ... more
High cognitive ability not a safeguard from conspiracies, paranormal beliefs
The moon landing and global warming are hoaxes. The U.S. government had advance knowledge of the 9/11 attacks. A UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. Is skepticism toward these kinds of unfound ... more
Put your head inside a brain
A new immersive virtual reality (VR) experience now offers a unique way to visualize and interact with large volumes of 3D anatomical brain data. The system, developed by researchers from the Wyss C ... more
Study shows video games could cut dementia risk in seniors
Could playing video games help keep the brain agile as we age? ... more
Finger and toe fossils belonged to tiny primates 45 million years ago
At Northern Illinois University, Dan Gebo opens a cabinet and pulls out a drawer full of thin plastic cases filled with clear gelatin capsules. Inside each numbered capsule is a tiny fossil - some a ... more
Bonobos help strangers without being asked
A passer-by drops something and you spring to pick it up. Or maybe you hold the door for someone behind you. Such acts of kindness to strangers were long thought to be unique to humans, but recent r ... more
Japanese scientists estimate the mutation rate from chimpanzee parents to their offspring
Mutations generate genetic variation, and are a major driving force of evolution. Therefore, examining mutation rates and modes are essential to better understand the genetic basis for physiology an ... more

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2 rookie astronauts, and cosmonaut blast off to ISS

'Dragon back' as cargo reaches space station

SpaceX resupply truck Dragon on route to ISS for space research delivery

Opportunity Comes to a Fork in the Road

Thales Alenia Space signs 3 contracts for NASA's deep space exploration

Initial results and data from observations of 'Oumuamua

Planting oxygen ensures a breath of fresh air

Faith not linked to intuition or rational thinking, study shows
New research suggests people's religious beliefs are not directly influenced by intuition or rational thinking. Instead, a person's faith is most closely linked with their upbringing and socio-cultural background. ... more
Tracking collars reveal raiding strategies used by hungry baboons
Baboons in South Africa mostly use a sit and wait tactic before raiding homes in search of food, according to new research. ... more
Newly discovered orangutan species is most endangered great ape
A new species of orangutan has been discovered in the remote jungles of Indonesia, immediately becoming the world's most endangered great ape, researchers said Thursday. ... more
Study shows how memories ripple through the brain
Using an innovative "NeuroGrid" technology, scientists showed that sleep boosts communication between two brain regions whose connection is critical for the formation of memories. The work, publishe ... more
The relentless rise of migration in Europe over last 10,000 years
The new method, published in PNAS, allows, for the first time, to directly quantify changes in prehistoric migration rates using ancient genetic data over the last 30,000 years. The researcher ... more
Climbing Australia's giant red rock Uluru banned
Climbing the world's largest monolith Uluru was banned Wednesday amid concerns it was becoming a "theme park", undermining the giant red rock's deep cultural significance. ... more
Older Neandertal survived with a little help from his friends
An older Neandertal from about 50,000 years ago, who had suffered multiple injuries and other degenerations, became deaf and must have relied on the help of others to avoid prey and survive well int ... more
Remote Amazon tribe tries to straddle two worlds
Transfixed, tribal villagers in Brazil's Amazon rainforest look up, pointing at the sky. ... more
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