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News About Ice Ages
June 23, 2017
Scientists throw light on mysterious ice age temperature jumps
Cardiff, UK (SPX) Jun 22, 2017
Scientists believe they have discovered the reason behind mysterious changes to the climate that saw temperatures fluctuate by up to 15C within just a few decades during the ice age periods. In a new study, the researchers show that rising levels of CO2 could have reached a tipping point during these glacial periods, triggering a series of chain events that caused temperatures to rise abruptly. The findings, which have been published in the journal Nature Geoscience, add to mounting evidence sugge ... read more

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Bolivian glacier samples ready for global ice archives
Scientists studying global warming recently climbed Bolivia's towering Mount Illimani and extracted samples of glacier ice packed with thousands of years of climate data. ... more
Widespread snowmelt in West Antarctica during unusually warm summer
An area of West Antarctica more than twice the size of California partially melted in 2016 when warm winds forced by an especially strong El Nino blew over the continent, an international group of r ... more
Wet and stormy weather lashed California coast... 8,200 years ago
The weather report for California 8,200 years ago was exceptionally wet and stormy. That is the conclusion of a paleoclimate study that analyzed stalagmite records from White Moon Cave in the Santa ... more
Antarctic researchers take icy plunge to mark solstice
Antarctic researchers welcomed the winter solstice with an exhilarating plunge into icy waters Wednesday as they look forward to brighter days after weeks of darkness. ... more
Early animal evolution got off to a hot start before Ice Age slowdown
Early animal evolution occurred more rapidly than previously thought, new research suggests. ... more
Finding new homes won't help Emperor penguins cope with climate change
If projections for melting Antarctic sea ice through 2100 are correct, the vanishing landscape will strip Emperor penguins of their breeding and feeding grounds and put populations at risk. But like ... more
Blight or blessing? How the wolverine embodies Arctic diversity
The first written account of domesticated reindeer herding originates from around the year 800 AD in what is now Arctic Norway. And for the indigenous Saami people of this region, reindeer husbandry remains integral to their culture and identity. ... more
Geoscientific evidence for subglacial lakes
During the last glacial period - when the ice in the Antarctic was far thicker and extended further offshore than it does today - it has been speculated that subglacial lakes existed beneath it. An ... more

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Why do Antarctic krill stocks fluctuate
It is only six centimetres long, but it plays a major role in the Antarctic ecosystem: the small crustacean Euphausia superba (Antarctic krill). It's one of the world's most abundant species and the ... more
Domes of frozen methane may be warning signs for new blow-outs
"Every year we go back to the dome area with our research vessel, and every year I am anxious to see if one of these domes has become a crater," says lead author of the study Pavel Serov, PhD candid ... more
How the Arctic Ocean became saline
The Arctic Ocean was once a gigantic freshwater lake. Only after the land bridge between Greenland and Scotland had submerged far enough did vast quantities of salt water pour in from the Atlantic. ... more
Massive craters formed by methane blow-outs from the Arctic sea floor
Even though the craters were formed some 12,000 years ago, methane is still leaking profusely from the craters. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, and of major concern in our warming climate. ... more
Antarctic ice rift close to calving, after growing 17km in 6 days - latest data from ice shelf
The rift in the Larsen C ice shelf in Antarctica has grown by 17km in the last few days and is now only 13km from the ice front, indicating that calving of an iceberg is probably very close, Swansea ... more
Arctic peoples' climate pleas fell on deaf ears
When ministers from the eight states of the Arctic and representatives of the region's native peoples met last month in Alaska, evidence of global warming was all around them. ... more
NASA Discovers a New Mode of Ice Loss in Greenland
A new NASA study finds that during Greenland's hottest summers on record, 2010 and 2012, the ice in Rink Glacier on the island's west coast didn't just melt faster than usual, it slid through the gl ... more
New Light on the Future of a Key Antarctic Glacier
The melt rate of West Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier is an important concern, because this glacier alone is currently responsible for about 1 percent of global sea level rise. A new NASA study finds ... more

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Previously, on Arctic warming
Is a warmer Arctic a canary of global warming? Since the 1970s the northern polar region has warmed faster than global averages by a factor or two or more, in a process of 'Arctic amplification' whi ... more
Methane seeping from Arctic seabed may have an upside
It's been called the Arctic methane time bomb: a vast reservoir of frozen methane buried beneath the Arctic Ocean floor that, if were to melt and somehow reach the atmosphere, could trigger catastrophic climate change. It's the ultimate end-of-life-as-we-know-it scenario. But could it actually happen? ... more
Elevation could help explain why Antarctica is warming slower than Arctic
Temperatures in the Arctic are increasing twice as fast as in the rest of the globe, while the Antarctic is warming at a much slower rate. A new study published in Earth System Dynamics, a journal o ... more
NASA's Arctic Ecosystem Science Flights Begin
CAPTION The Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment (ABoVE) has started the second year of its campaign, which will use airborne instruments to monitor ecosystems in Alaska and northwestern Canada. T ... more
China says no mining planned in Antarctica
China sought to dispel concerns about its ambitions in mineral-rich Antarctica on Monday, with an official saying Beijing has no plans to start mining in the vast continent. ... more
Antarctica 'greening' due to climate change
Plant life on Antarctica is growing rapidly due to climate change, scientists have found. Few plants live on the continent, but scientists studying moss have found a sharp increase in biologic ... more
NASA Annual Arctic Ice Survey Expanded Range This Year
NASA's annual survey of changes in Arctic ice cover greatly expanded its reach this year in a series of flights that wrapped up on May 12. It was the most ambitious spring campaign in the region for ... more
Arctic warming to increase Eurasian extreme cold events
In recent years, Arctic warming and extreme events have attracted widespread attention of the world. Recently, Dr. YAO Yao and Prof. LUO Dehai from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics investigated ... more
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