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November 18, 2012
New DNA vaccine technology poised to deliver ultra-rapid, safe and cost-effective disease protection
Tempe AZ (SPX) Nov 16, 2012
New and increasingly sophisticated vaccines are taking aim at a broad range of disease-causing pathogens, targeting them with greater effectiveness at lower cost and with improved measures to ensure safety. To advance this quest, a research team led by Roy Curtiss, director of the Center for Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology, and Wei Kong, a research assistant professor, at Arizona State University's Biodesign Institute have taken a dramatic step forward, revealing the design of a universal plat ... read more
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Detection, analysis of 'cell dust' may allow diagnosis, monitoring of brain cancer
A novel miniature diagnostic platform using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology is capable of detecting minuscule cell particles known as microvesicles in a drop of blood. Microvesicles shed ... more

Pig gene discovery could help combat animal and human disease
Insights into the genetic code of pigs that reveal how the species evolved could improve the health of animals in future. Researchers compared the genome or genetic make-up of domestic pigs with tho ... more

New micropumps for hand-held medical labs produce pressures 500 times higher than car tire
In an advance toward analyzing blood and urine instantly at a patient's bedside instead of waiting for results from a central laboratory, scientists are reporting development of a new micropump capa ... more
24/7 News Coverage


Climate change increases stress, need for restoration on grazed public lands
Eight researchers in a new report have suggested that climate change is causing additional stress to many western rangelands, and as a result land managers should consider a significant reduction, o ... more


Medical devices powered by the ear itself
Deep in the inner ear of mammals is a natural battery - a chamber filled with ions that produces an electrical potential to drive neural signals. In the latest issue of the journal Nature Biotechnol ... more
The Year In Space

Helmets save lives of skiers and snowboarders
The use of helmets by skiers and snowboarders decreases the risk and severity of head injuries and saves lives, new Johns Hopkins-led research suggests. The findings debunk long-held beliefs by some ... more

Plants and soils could exacerbate climate change as global climate warms
November 13, 2012 - Scientists from the American Meteorological Society (AMS) and University of California, Berkeley have demonstrated that plants and soils could release large amounts of carbon dio ... more
24/7 Energy News Coverage
A diamond as the steppingstone to new materials, using plasma physics technology

Columbia engineers create artificial graphene in a nanofabricated semiconductor structure

Rules for superconductivity mirrored in 'excitonic insulator'

Research dispels misconception of superconductivity in niobium compound

U.S. solar power group says it sees headwinds ahead

Bruce Power Contracts Major Industry Suppliers for Steam Generator Replacement Project

Oil-rich Alberta sees momentum for wind energy


Persistence or extinction: Through a mathematical lens
Scientists have estimated that there are 1.7 million species of animals, plants and algae on earth, and new species continue to be discovered. Unfortunately, as new species are found, many are also ... more

Desert farming forms bacterial communities that promote drought resistance
When there is little water available for plants to grow, their roots form alliances with soil microbes that can promote plant growth even under water-limiting conditions, according to research publi ... more

Touch-sensitive plastic skin heals itself
Nobody knows the remarkable properties of human skin like the researchers struggling to emulate it. Not only is our skin sensitive, sending the brain precise information about pressure and temperatu ... more
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Solar systems for home and business

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison & Memory Foam Mattress Review

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Climate change threatens giant pandas' bamboo buffet - and survival
China's endangered wild pandas may need new dinner reservations - and quickly - based on models that indicate climate change may kill off swaths of bamboo that pandas need to survive. In this ... more

Ingredient in diarrhea medicine leads to sustainable new farm fertilizer
The search for a sustainable slow-release fertilizer - a key to sustaining global food production at a time of burgeoning population growth - has led scientists to an ingredient used in some diarrhe ... more
Military Space News, Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense
Iran supplied ballistic missile to Yemen rebels: US

Lockheed Martin successfully fired their new anti-ship missile

First GPS 3 satellite receives commands from new OCX ground control segment

EU launches defence pact it calls 'bad news for enemies'

China, S. Korea eye warmer ties following tensions

Putin, Trump discuss N Korea in phone call

Boeing to support Air Force's minuteman program


Environmentally friendly chemistry important for manufacturing pharmaceuticals
Limiting the quantity of catalysts - substances that trigger a chemical reaction - used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals is important, and research from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, ha ... more

Farm injury risks increase with age
Older North American farmers work fewer hours than their younger peers but spend more time operating heavy machinery and equipment-raising their risk of serious injury, according to new research fro ... more

Finally! The pig genome is mapped
In a major international study, the pig genome is now mapped. Researchers from Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), have contributed to the study by analysin ... more
High radiation found in Fukushima's fish

New York authorities probe Sandy price gouging

Life's no beach for seaside victims of Sandy

Andrews Space To Manufacture Sinclair Rods

US to station powerful radar, space telescope in Australia

Buzz building for debut of Wii U videogame console

Tropical Indo-Pacific climate shifts to a more El Nino-like state

Date of Polynesia settlement refined

Australia creates world's largest marine reserves

Clouds Could Explain How Snowball Earth Thawed Out

Why Antarctic sea ice cover has increased under the effects of climate change

Summer has arrived at frozen Antarctic runway


Exhaustive family tree for birds shows recent, rapid diversification
A Yale-led scientific team has produced the most comprehensive family tree for birds to date, connecting all living bird species - nearly 10,000 in total - and revealing surprising new details about ... more

New study to examine ecological tipping points in hopes of preventing them
Predation by otters keeps urchin populations in check, allowing kelp - a favorite food of urchins - to flourish. But what if otters were harvested to near extinction for their fur? The resulting ove ... more

Scientists Find Aphid Resistance in Black Raspberry
There's good news for fans of black raspberries: A U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientist and his commercial colleague have found black raspberries that have resistance to a disease-spreadi ... more

Australia creates world's largest marine reserves
Australia Friday created the world's largest network of marine reserves, protecting a huge swathe of ocean environment despite claims it will devastate the fishing industry. ... more
Space News from
In first, SpaceX launches recycled rocket and spaceship

Boeing tapped to sustain Space-Based Space Surveillance system

NASA uses AI to uncover eighth planet circling distant star

Lockheed Martin and NEC to Enhance Satellites, Space Travel with Artificial Intelligence

No alien 'signals' from cigar-shaped asteroid: researchers

RS-25 Engine Test is Giant Step for 3-D Printing

NanoRacks Integrates Largest New Shepard Payload Manifest to Date


High radiation found in Fukushima's fish


New York authorities probe Sandy price gouging


Air transmission of Ebola virus a concern


Date of Polynesia settlement refined


Two Tibetans set themselves alight: rights group


'Postage stamp' medical monitors described


Japan PM dissolves lower house for election


'Tunable' light bulb could improve sleep


New Zealand volcano showing activity


Photos show Einstein's brain 'different'

Significant relationship between mortality and telomere length discovered

Groundwater inundation doubles previous predictions of flooding with future sea level rise

A better brain implant: Slim electrode cozies up to single neurons

Corals attacked by toxic seaweed use chemical 911 signals to summon help

Making Memories: Drexel Researchers Explore the Anatomy of Recollection

Historic coral collapse on Great Barrier Reef

Kids need at least seven minutes a day of 'vigorous' physical activity

Texas A and M scientist taking infrared laser look at forests

Forest fertilization can increase production, decrease carbon emissions

Life's no beach for seaside victims of Sandy

China's Xi says party faces problems including graft

Obama vows climate push for 'future generations'

Water, rest, water, save

Super storm tracked by ESA water mission

Virtual Reality Could Help People Lose Weight and Fight Prejudice

2011 Virginia quake triggered landslides at extraordinary distances

Tabletop fault model reveals why some quakes result in faster shaking

Navy Oceanographers Delve Deeper in Wave Data to Improve Forecasts

Inspiration from Mother Nature leads to improved wood

Action needed to prevent more devastating tree diseases entering the UK

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