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April 26, 2013
Ancient Earth crust stored in deep mantle
Washington DC (SPX) Apr 25, 2013
Scientists have long believed that lava erupted from certain oceanic volcanoes contains materials from the early Earth's crust. But decisive evidence for this phenomenon has proven elusive. New research from a team including Carnegie's Erik Hauri demonstrates that oceanic volcanic rocks contain samples of recycled crust dating back to the Archean era 2.5 billion years ago. Their work is published in Nature. Oceanic crust sinks into the Earth's mantle at so-called subduction zones, where two ... read more
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Rethinking early atmospheric oxygen
A research team of biogeochemists at the University of California, Riverside has provided a new view on the relationship between the earliest accumulation of oxygen in the atmosphere, arguably the m ... more

Scientists Detect Dark Lightning Linked To Visible Lightning
Researchers have identified a burst of high-energy radiation known as "dark lightning" immediately preceding a flash of ordinary lightning. The new finding provides observational evidence that the t ... more

Satrec Initiative of South Korea Continues Collaboration with UAE for DubaiSat-3 Program
Satrec Initiative (SI) of South Korea and the Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST) of United Arab Emirates jointly announced the development program of the DubaiSat-3 Ear ... more
24/7 News Coverage


Sea stalactites provide clues to origin of life
Life on Earth may have originated not in warm tropical seas, but with weird tubes of ice - sometimes called "sea stalactites" - that grow downward into cold seawater near the Earth's poles, scientis ... more


Study Led by NUS Scientists Reveals Escalating Cost of Forest Conservation
In the face of unprecedented deforestation and biodiversity loss, policy makers are increasingly using financial incentives to encourage conservation. However, a research team led by the Natio ... more
Oil and Gas Insider

Israeli scientists discover why soft corals have unique pulsating motion
Scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have discovered why Heteroxenia corals pulsate. One of the most fascinating and spectacular sights ... more

Johns Hopkins Team Deploys Hundreds of Tiny Untethered Surgical Tools in First Animal Biopsies
By using swarms of untethered grippers, each as small as a speck of dust, Johns Hopkins engineers and physicians say they have devised a new way to perform biopsies that could provide a more effecti ... more
24/7 Energy News Coverage
Two-dimensional materials gets a new theory for control of properties

Novel 'converter' heralds breakthrough in ultra-fast data processing at nanoscale

South Korea to push ahead with nuclear power plants

Highly flexible wings tested

AREVA NP installs a system allowing flexible electricity generation at Goesgen nuclear power plant

New Delhi shuts power plant in fight against Diwali smog

Cognac craze in US, China prompts Hennessy expansion


Sunlit Snow Triggers Atmospheric Cleaning, Ozone Depletion in the Arctic
National Science Foundation-funded researchers at Purdue University have discovered that sunlit snow is the major source of atmospheric bromine in the Arctic, the key to unique chemical reactions th ... more

Humans passing drug resistance to animals in protected Africa
A team of Virginia Tech researchers has discovered that humans are passing antibiotic resistance to wildlife, especially in protected areas where numbers of humans are limited. In the case of ... more

Wildfires can burn hot without ruining soil
When scientists torched an entire 22-acre watershed in Portugal in a recent experiment, their research yielded a counterintuitive result: Large, hot fires do not necessarily beget hot, scorched soil ... more
Nuclear Energy Insider
Disposal of Vestas Wind Turbine Parts

Turn key solar systems for domestic and commercial installations
Solar systems for home and business installations

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison & Memory Foam Mattress Review

Ancient DNA reveals Europe's dynamic genetic history
Ancient DNA recovered from a series of skeletons in central Germany up to 7500 years old has been used to reconstruct the first detailed genetic history of modern Europe. The study, published ... more

Insights into deadly coral bleaching could help preserve reefs
Coral reefs are stressed the world over and could be in mortal danger because of climate change. But why do some corals die and others not, even when exposed to the same environmental conditions? ... more
Military Space News, Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense
India welcomes Tillerson call for deeper ties to counter China

Fact or fiction? Doubts over China's 'rising nationalism'

USAF Space Command wargames concludes

NATO ill-prepared for a Russian attack: report

As Islamic State falls, has US missed bigger picture?

NATO states open counter-espionage hub in Poland

Is facial recognition the stuff of sci-fi? Not in China


Just what makes that little old ant change a flower's nectar content?
Ants play a variety of important roles in many ecosystems. As frequent visitors to flowers, they can benefit plants in their role as pollinators when they forage on sugar-rich nectar. However, a new ... more

NASA's HyspIRI: Seeing the Forest and the Trees and More
To Robert Green, light contains more than meets the eye: It contains fingerprints of materials that can be detected by sensors that capture the unique set of reflected wavelengths. Scientists have u ... more

H7N9 flu 'one of most lethal' says WHO as spreads to Taiwan
International experts probing China's deadly H7N9 bird flu virus said Wednesday it was "one of the most lethal influenza viruses" seen so far as Taiwan reported the first case outside the mainland. ... more
Landslide kills 14 in Ecuador

Pakistan quake victims burn tyres at angry protests

Hong Kong searches for 6 missing crew after boat crash

Space debris problem now urgent - scientists

MEADS Low Frequency Sensor Cues Multifunction Fire Control Radar in Test

Nothing Bugs These NASA Aeronautical Researchers

Rivers Act As 'Horizontal cooling towers'

Insights into deadly coral bleaching could help preserve reefs

Israeli scientists discover why soft corals have unique pulsating motion

Chinese ship sinks off Antarctica: Chile

Sea stalactites provide clues to origin of life

Age matters to Antarctic clams


Deep, Permeable Soils Buffer Impacts of Agricultural Fertilization on Streams and Rivers in Southern Amazon
The often damaging impacts of intensive agriculture on nearby streams, rivers, and their wildlife has been well documented in temperate zones, such as North America and Europe. Yet a new study ... more

Argentine farming disarray seen to affect output
Argentine government policies are affecting agricultural output and are blamed for creating imbalances in the sector, independent data indicated. ... more

Fish was on the menu for early flying dinosaur
University of Alberta led research reveals that Microraptor, a small flying dinosaur was a complete hunter, able to swoop down and pickup fish as well as its previously known prey of birds and tree ... more

Ecology, economy and management of an agro-industrial Amazon frontier
Published today, a special issue of the Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society - Biological Sciences, addresses a major challenge facing our society: feeding a global population that is sim ... more
Space News from
Spacewalkers fix robotic arm in time to grab next cargo ship

Space will see Communist loyalty: Chinese astronaut

NASA develops and tests new housing for in-orbit science payloads

Orionid meteor shower to peak this weekend

Myanmar to launch own satellite system-2 in 2019: vice president

Mine craft for Mars

NASA awards launch contracts for Landsat 9 and Sentinel-6A


Double cropping helps Brazil develop


Study finds that residential lawns efflux more carbon dioxide than corn fields


X-ray analysis could boost legumes, thus reducing fertilizer pollution


New studies explore mango's potential health-affirming properties


New data show that white potatoes increase intake of potassium


Nitrogen has key role in estimating CO2 emissions from land use change


New Caledonia bans shark fishing


Cheetahs in race to survive


Pentagon chief presses Islamist-led Egypt on reforms


Landslide kills 14 in Ecuador

US to test handheld scanner for fake malaria drugs

Ancient skeletons reveal genetic 'history' of Europe's peoples

Thirteen killed, dozens hurt in Afghan quake

Research Harnesses Solar-Powered Proteins to Filter Harmful Antibiotics from Water

China bird flu spreads to new province

Massive amounts of charcoal enter the worlds' oceans

Ocean acidification as a hearing aid for fish?

New NASA Satellite Takes the Salton Sea's Temperature

Ultrafast technique unlocks design principles of quantum biology

Something's Fishy in the Tree of Life

Is pet ownership sustainable?

Climate scientists say Asian monsoon forecasts could improve

Google says Street View data now take in 50 countries

Chinese ship sinks off Antarctica: Chile

Recipe for Low-Cost, Biomass-Derived Catalyst for Hydrogen Production

GL RC Certifies Alstom's 1MW Tidal Turbine Prototype

New Battery Design Could Help Solar and Wind Energy Power the Grid

Battery and Memory Device in One

Nothing Bugs These NASA Aeronautical Researchers

S. Korea, US extend nuclear pact

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