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July 15, 2013
Insect discovery sheds light on climate change
Burnaby, Canada (SPX) Jul 15, 2013
Simon Fraser University biologists have discovered a new, extinct family of insects that will help scientists better understand how some animals responded to global climate change and the evolution of communities. The Eocene Apex of Panorpoid Family Diversity, a paper by SFU's Bruce Archibald and Rolf Mathewes, plus David Greenwood from Brandon University, was recently published in the Journal of Paleontology. The researchers named the new family the Eorpidae, after the Eocene Epoch, the age ... read more
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Cloud brightening to cool seas can protect coral reefs
The seeding of marine clouds to cool sea surface temperatures could protect threatened coral reefs from being bleached by warming oceans. Research, published in Atmospheric Science Letters, proposes ... more

Research reveals Earth's core affects length of day
Research at the University of Liverpool has found that variations in the length of day over periods of between one and 10 years are caused by processes in the Earth's core. The Earth rotates o ... more

Whole chickens from farmers markets may have more pathogenic bacteria
Raw, whole chickens purchased from farmers markets throughout Pennsylvania contained significantly higher levels of bacteria that can cause foodborne illness compared to those purchased from grocery ... more
24/7 News Coverage


As ice cover disappears, life in the frigid Antarctic moves fast
It might be cold in the Antarctic, but that doesn't mean that life there necessarily moves slowly. A report appearing in Current Biology, a Cell Press publication, on July 11 reveals the discovery o ... more


Sharks stun sardine prey with tail-slaps
Thresher sharks hunt schooling sardines in the waters off a small coral island in the Philippines by rapidly slapping their tails hard enough to stun or kill several of the smaller fish at once, acc ... more
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Antarctic Glacier Calves Iceberg One-Fourth Size of Rhode Island
This week a European Earth-observing satellite confirmed that a large iceberg broke off of Pine Island Glacier, one of Antarctica's largest and fastest moving ice streams. The rift that led to the n ... more

Killer whale genetics: Redefining stock structure in a marine top predator
Found in every ocean around the world, killer whales are a force to be reckoned with globally. Their remarkable social bonds and sophisticated hunting techniques make them top predators in their sal ... more
24/7 Energy News Coverage
UK to have driverless cars by 2021: govt

Want safe travels? Find freeways with these features

Coffee set to power London buses in green initiative

New theory rewrites opening moments of Chernobyl disaster

Post-hurricane rebuilding fuels jump in October US home construction

China to build $1.6 bn aluminium plant in Tajikistan

Panama opens embassy in China after cutting Taiwan ties


Lionfish expedition: down deep is where the big, scary ones live
Last month, the first expedition to use a deep-diving submersible to study the Atlantic Ocean lionfish invasion found something very disturbing - at 300 feet deep, there were still significant popul ... more

Dinosaurs, diets and ecological niches
A new study by a Canadian Museum of Nature scientist helps answer a long-standing question in palaeontology-how numerous species of large, plant-eating dinosaurs could co-exist successfully over geo ... more

Controversial whale meat sent back to Iceland
Six containers of whale meat are on their way back to Iceland after German authorities removed the controversial cargo from a ship bound for Japan, Icelandic media reported on Friday. ... more
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Mexico volcano ash disrupts US flights again
A handful of US flights were canceled at two Mexican airports on Friday after ash from a nearby volcano fell in central Mexico, authorities said. ... more

Two dead, 100 injured as Typhoon Soulik hits Taiwan
Typhoon Soulik battered Taiwan with torrential rain and powerful winds on Saturday that left two people dead and at least 100 injured. ... more
Military Space News, Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense
North Korean ICBM program runs into major roadblock at reentry

US nuclear commander would resist 'illegal' order for strike

Chinese, N.Korean envoys discuss regional concerns: state media

NATO sorry after Erdogan pulls troops over Norway incident

Calls mount for action on 'killer robots' after UN talks

Dunford: US Military Superiority Over Russia, China Markedly Decreasing

Nature's Silent Sentinels Could Help Detect Security Threats


World's largest building opens in China
Boasting its own artificial sun and a floor area three times that of the Pentagon, the "world's largest building" has opened in southwest China to mixed reviews from its first visitors. ... more

Typhoon kills three, forces evacuation of 500,000 in China
Eastern China was battered Sunday by strong winds and torrential downpours from Typhoon Soulik which left three people dead and forced half a million people to evacuate their homes. ... more

No quick dousing of haze woes despite early ASEAN meet
Southeast Asian nations gathering to discuss the annual shroud of hazardous smog that blights the region are unlikely to find any immediate solutions, despite a meeting to address the issue being brought forward by a month to Monday. ... more
Man who battled Fukushima disaster dies of cancer

Fukushima radioactive groundwater readings rocket

REACTing to a crisis

Bioengineers Use Adhesion to Combine Silicones and Organic Materials

Rocket part made by 3D printing in successful hot-fire test

Experts row over 'earliest' Chinese inscriptions find

Habitat loss doubles coastal flood impact - study

Invasive lionfish in Caribbean, Atlantic growing in numbers

Cloud brightening to cool seas can protect coral reefs

Scientists Image Vast Subglacial Water System Underpinning West Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier

Scientists cast doubt on theory of what triggered Antarctic glaciation

The contribution of the Greenland ice sheet to sea-level rise will continue to increase


More than 200 dead or missing in China rain, landslides
Torrential rain and landslides in China have left more than 200 people dead or missing in recent days, state media and the government said as the country braced Friday for an approaching typhoon. ... more

In US, struggle against snakehead ends on plates
The snakehead is an invasive species of fish from Asia that is threatening the delicate ecosystem of the Potomac River that flows through Washington into the Atlantic Ocean. ... more

Habitat loss doubles coastal flood impact - study
Removing mangroves, marshes, reefs, forests, dunes and other natural defences doubles the risk for life and property from coastal floods, a US climate study said on Sunday. ... more

Chinese court executes man without telling family: media
A Chinese court executed a man on death row without notifying his family and then defended its actions, sparking anger online, local media reported Sunday. ... more
Space News from
Can a superconducting magnetic sail slow down an interstellar probe

China plans for nuclear-powered interplanetary capacity by 2040

Winds Blow Dust off the Solar Panels Improving Energy Levels

Old Rivals India, China Nurture New Rivalry in Satellite Launch Business

What is the computational power of the universe?

NASA launches next-generation weather satellite

SSL Selected to Conduct Power and Propulsion Study for NASA's Deep Space Gateway Concept


Australia to scrap carbon tax for trading scheme


Antarctic nations to wrestle again over sanctuary plan


Glass sponges take advantage of retreating Antarctic ice shelves


The contribution of the Greenland ice sheet to sea-level rise will continue to increase


Southampton engineers develop novel method to increase lifespan of joint replacements


Efficiency in the forest


How Forests Cope with more Carbon Dioxide


Snakes Devour More Mosquito-Eating Birds as Climate Change Heats Forests


Geothermal power facility induces earthquakes, study finds


Trees Using Water More Efficiently as Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Rises

Hundreds evacuated as Typhoon Soulik nears Taiwan

China to US: 'Unprecedented freedom' in Tibet, Xinjiang

Flood death toll rises to 60 in Nepal

Egypt rival rallies planned as tensions soar

Invasive lionfish in Caribbean, Atlantic growing in numbers

Scientists track noisy icebergs across world's oceans

Japan heatwave kills 12: reports

Ivory Coast turns to brute force to save forests

Commentary: Mideastern potpourri

More than 200 dead or missing in China rain, landslides

China island centenarians claim secret of long life

Street protests spread chaos across Brazil

Sky Harvest To Acquire Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Technology And Manufacturing Facilities

Wind Energy: Components Certification Helps Reduce Costs

DuPont Adds New Energy and Electronics Capabilities to Silicon Valley Technology Center

Planned China nuclear plant axed after protest: report

Radioactivity found in Swiss lake near nuclear plant: report

India's protest-hit nuclear plant to generate power: reports

Violence, bottlenecks threaten Iraq's new oil strategy

Protesters who scaled London's Shard released on bail

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