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September 10, 2013
New technique for measuring tree growth cuts down on research time
Washington DC (SPX) Sep 10, 2013
Tree growth is measured to understand tree health, fluxes in carbon sequestration, and other forest ecosystem functions. It is one of the most essential and widely collected woody plant traits. Yet, the traditional method to measure tree growth is awkward and time consuming. Scientists have developed a new, resourceful way to take repeated tree growth measurements safely and accurately. Dendrometer bands are metal straps that wrap around a tree trunk to measure its growth. Bands are fashioned by b ... read more
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Soot suspect in mid-1800s Alps glacier retreat
Scientists have uncovered strong evidence that soot, or black carbon, sent into the air by a rapidly industrializing Europe, likely caused the abrupt retreat of mountain glaciers in the European Alp ... more

New data reveals that the average height of European males has grown by 11cm in just over a century
The average height of European males increased by an unprecedented 11cm between the mid-nineteenth century and 1980, according to a new paper published online in the journal Oxford Economic Papers. ... more

Wildfires projected to worsen with climate change
Research by environmental scientists at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) brings bad news to the western United States, where firefighters are currently battling dozens o ... more
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Spread of crop pests threatens global food security as Earth warms
A new study has revealed that global warming is resulting in the spread of crop pests towards the North and South Poles at a rate of nearly 3 km a year. The study, published in the journal Nature Cl ... more


Using a form of 'ice that burns' to make potable water from oil and gas production
In the midst of an intensifying global water crisis, scientists are reporting development of a more economical way to use one form of the "ice that burns" to turn very salty wastewater from fracking ... more
US Navy History of Human Spaceflight Conference

A genetic treasure hunting in sorghum may benefit crop improvement
A consortium of researchers from The University of Queensland, the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF Qld) and BGI has discovered that sorghum, a drought-tolerant Afr ... more

Penn Study Finds Earlier Peak for Spain's Glaciers
The last glacial maximum was a time when Earth's far northern and far southern latitudes were largely covered in ice sheets and sea levels were low. Over much of the planet, glaciers were at their g ... more
24/7 Energy News Coverage
A diamond as the steppingstone to new materials, using plasma physics technology

Columbia engineers create artificial graphene in a nanofabricated semiconductor structure

Rules for superconductivity mirrored in 'excitonic insulator'

Research dispels misconception of superconductivity in niobium compound

U.S. solar power group says it sees headwinds ahead

Bruce Power Contracts Major Industry Suppliers for Steam Generator Replacement Project

Oil-rich Alberta sees momentum for wind energy


UH Professor Offers Insight Into Saharan Dust Migration
Satellite pictures of Saharan dust clouds have been in the news all summer, but to Shankar Chellam, they have just raised more questions. How much impact did the Saharan dust have on Houston's air? ... more

A fly's hearing
If your attendance at too many rock concerts has impaired your hearing, listen up. University of Iowa researchers say that the common fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, is an ideal model to study h ... more

Scientists develop new method of estimating fish movements underwater
How do you track a fish? There's no "Google Maps" for finding fish. The radio signals that are the backbone of traditional GPS cannot pass through seawater. But sound travels remarkably well, so sci ... more
spacecraft sub-system supplier
CubeSats, SmallSats and MicroSats

It's been 40 years since Apollo ... Time to go Back

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison & Memory Foam Mattress Review

Training Space Professionals Since 1970

Insight into marine life's ability to adapt to climate change
A study into marine life around an underwater volcanic vent in the Mediterranean, might hold the key to understanding how some species will be able to survive in increasingly acidic sea water should ... more

Earthquakes and tectonics in Pamir Tien Shan
Earthquake damage to buildings is mainly due to the existing shear waves which transfer their energy during an earthquake to the houses. These shear waves are significantly influenced by the undergr ... more
Military Space News, Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense
Iran supplied ballistic missile to Yemen rebels: US

Lockheed Martin successfully fired their new anti-ship missile

First GPS 3 satellite receives commands from new OCX ground control segment

EU launches defence pact it calls 'bad news for enemies'

China, S. Korea eye warmer ties following tensions

Putin, Trump discuss N Korea in phone call

Boeing to support Air Force's minuteman program


Report proposes microbiology's grand challenge to help feed the world
A greater focus on the role of microbiology in agriculture combined with new technologies can help mitigate potential food shortages associated with world population increases according to a new rep ... more

Alaska tundra shows surprising resilience after unprecedented fire
Despite the size and severity of the massive 2007 Anaktuvuk River fire on Alaska's North Slope, much of the arctic vegetation has recovered and the tundra is likely to return to its pre-fire conditi ... more

Illegal Fires Set in Indonesia Cause Smog Problem
Widespread wildfires are lighting up Indonesia, but these fires were not started accidentally. These fires were set deliberately to clear land for palm oil companies. This type of "slash-and-burn" a ... more
U.N. condemns Australia's treatment of refugees

Niger asks for foreign help for flood victims

Olympics: Tokyo 2020 is a bid in the shadow of Fukushima

Lab-made complexes are "sun sponges"

Physicists pinpoint key property of material that both conducts and insulates

Using x-ray vision to detect unseen gold

Japan seeds clouds to boost Tokyo rain

Can we save our urban water systems?

Why does the area over southern high and sub tropical latitudes have more frequent and stronger rains?

Warming Antarctic seas likely to impact on krill habitats

Change of Venue for NASA's IceBridge Antarctic Operations

Penn Study Finds Earlier Peak for Spain's Glaciers


Biodiversity in Ontario's Great Lakes region may be greater than we thought
Branched Bartonia (Bartonia paniculata), a threatened species, is a spindly annual plant that grows to 40 cm tall and has tiny white flowers. Researchers at Trent University compared genetic data fr ... more

Flights over Pacific highest-producers of ozone
Flights over the Pacific, specifically leaving and entering Australia and New Zealand, create the most ozone, a new study says. ... more

Monster volcano is one of the biggest in Solar System
Geologists on Thursday announced they had uncovered a stupendous volcano that is the biggest in the world and rivals the greatest in the Solar System. ... more

19 Algerians arrested over water riot: report
Nineteen people were arrested in Algeria's Setif region when clashes erupted between protesters and police during a demonstration against water shortages, national media reported on Thursday. ... more
Space News from
In first, SpaceX launches recycled rocket and spaceship

Boeing tapped to sustain Space-Based Space Surveillance system

NASA uses AI to uncover eighth planet circling distant star

Lockheed Martin and NEC to Enhance Satellites, Space Travel with Artificial Intelligence

No alien 'signals' from cigar-shaped asteroid: researchers

RS-25 Engine Test is Giant Step for 3-D Printing

NanoRacks Integrates Largest New Shepard Payload Manifest to Date


Wolves howl because they care


Seismic finding could explain creation of Earth's 'hot spot' volcanoes


Whales feel the (sun)burn!


Eastern US water supplies threatened by a legacy of acid rain


Increased greenhouse gases and aerosols have similar effects on rainfall


Why does the area over southern high and sub tropical latitudes have more frequent and stronger rains?


Hidden shell middens reveal ancient human presence in Bolivian Amazon


Old concrete can protect nature


Study forecasts future water levels of crucial agricultural aquifer


An alga stressed by the light

Giant Triassic amphibian was a burrowing youngster

Northeastern US forests transformed by human activity over 400 years

Bacteria supplemented their diet to clean up after Deep Water Horizon oil spill

Can we save our urban water systems?

AC or DC 2 newly described electric fish from the Amazon are wired differently

Red cedar tree study shows that Clean Air Act is reducing pollution, improving forests

How quickly can a bacterium grow?

How vegetation competes for rainfall in dry regions

Network of Unmanned Undersea Platforms Would Assist Manned Vessels

The true raw material footprint of nations

Peking duck not all it's quacked up to be

A dirty job in Mexico City: sewer diver

Vietnam flood toll hits 21

Outside View: Ukraine cannot forever stay at the crossroads

China frees dissident convicted on Yahoo! evidence: group

S.Africa's rhino poaching toll passes 600 for the year

Pacific climate change pact wins US support

Washington's new panda cub is a girl, zoo says

More efficient production of biofuels from waste with the help of modified yeasts

Producing hydrogen from water with carbon/charcoal powder

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