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September 17, 2013
Environmental complexity promotes biodiversity
Laxenburg, Austria (SPX) Sep 18, 2013
A new study published in the journal American Naturalist helps explain how spatial variation in natural environments helps spur evolution and give rise to biodiversity. The study, led by McGill University evolutionary biologist Ben Haller in collaboration with IIASA Evolution and Ecology Program Leader Ulf Dieckmann and IIASA researcher Rupert Mazzucco, suggests that a varied environment spurs the evolution of new species and promotes biodiversity by creating places of refuge-"refugia"-for new org ... read more
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Unexpected interaction between ocean currents and bacteria
For the first time, researchers have successfully demonstrated an interaction between ocean currents and bacteria: The unexpected interaction leads to the production of vast amounts of nitrogen gas ... more

Study explores complex physical oceanography in East China Sea
Just days before a team of researchers from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and National Taiwan University set out to conduct fieldwork in the East China Sea, Typhoon Morakot-one of the ... more

Delaying climate policy would triple short-term mitigation costs
Further delay in the implementation of comprehensive international climate policies could substantially increase the short-term costs of climate change mitigation. Global economic growth would ... more
24/7 News Coverage


Cilantro, that favorite salsa ingredient, purifies drinking water
Hints that a favorite ingredient in Mexican, Southeast Asian and other spicy cuisine may be an inexpensive new way of purifying drinking water are on the menu today at the 246th National Meeting and ... more


Andreas and Thomas testing sample returns at sea
ESA astronauts Andreas Mogensen and Thomas Pesquet are in Florida, USA for a five-day underwater adventure to test tools and practise spacewalks as part of the Seatest mission. Andreas will li ... more
US Navy History of Human Spaceflight Conference

Earth's wobble "fixes" dinner for marine organisms
The cyclic wobble of the Earth on its axis controls the production of a nutrient essential to the health of the ocean, according to a new study in the journal Nature. The discovery of factors that c ... more

Tiny plankton could have big impact on climate
As the climate changes and oceans' acidity increases, tiny plankton seem set to succeed. An international team of marine scientists has found that the smallest plankton groups thrive under elevated ... more
24/7 Energy News Coverage
A diamond as the steppingstone to new materials, using plasma physics technology

Columbia engineers create artificial graphene in a nanofabricated semiconductor structure

Rules for superconductivity mirrored in 'excitonic insulator'

Research dispels misconception of superconductivity in niobium compound

U.S. solar power group says it sees headwinds ahead

Bruce Power Contracts Major Industry Suppliers for Steam Generator Replacement Project

Oil-rich Alberta sees momentum for wind energy


The real reason to worry about bees
Honeybees should be on everyone's worry list, and not because of the risk of a nasty sting, an expert on the health of those beneficial insects said here today at the 246th National Meeting and Expo ... more

Heavily logged forests still valuable for tropical wildlife
New research has found rainforests that have been logged several times continue to hold substantial value for biodiversity and could have a role in conservation. According to principal investigators ... more

Wetlands more cost-effective in nutrient removal, but multiple payments would be of uncertain value
Removing nitrogen from the environment "the natural way" by creating a wetland is a long-term, nutrient-removal solution, more cost effective than upgrading a wastewater treatment plant, but it isn' ... more
spacecraft sub-system supplier
CubeSats, SmallSats and MicroSats

It's been 40 years since Apollo ... Time to go Back

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison & Memory Foam Mattress Review

Training Space Professionals Since 1970

Warm Ocean Rapidly Melting Antarctic Ice Shelf from Below
For five years, a scientific expedition tried reaching Pine Island Glacier ice shelf in a remote, wind-ridden corner of Antarctica. The obstacles to get to the ice shelf were extreme, but the scienc ... more

Movement of marine life follows speed and direction of climate change
Scientists expect climate change and warmer oceans to push the fish that people rely on for food and income into new territory. Predictions of where and when species will relocate, however, are base ... more
Military Space News, Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense
Iran supplied ballistic missile to Yemen rebels: US

Lockheed Martin successfully fired their new anti-ship missile

First GPS 3 satellite receives commands from new OCX ground control segment

EU launches defence pact it calls 'bad news for enemies'

China, S. Korea eye warmer ties following tensions

Putin, Trump discuss N Korea in phone call

Boeing to support Air Force's minuteman program


Model of dangerous bee disease in Jersey provides tool in fight against honeybee infections
Scientists at the University of Warwick have modelled an outbreak of the bee infection American foulbrood in Jersey, using a technique which could be applied to other honeybee diseases such as Europ ... more

Research shows denser seagrass beds hold more baby blue crabs
When it comes to nursery habitat, scientists have long known that blue crabs prefer seagrass beds compared to open areas in the same neighborhood. A new study by researchers at the Virginia In ... more

Study recommends strategies for improved management of fresh market spinach
Throughout California's fertile central coast region, fresh spinach is a high-production, high-value crop. Spinach can be finicky, requiring sufficient nitrogen fertilizer and irrigation to ensure i ... more
U.N. condemns Australia's treatment of refugees

Senate Democrats eye new gun laws, action unlikely

Japan to boost surveys off Fukushima: report

Lab-made complexes are "sun sponges"

Physicists pinpoint key property of material that both conducts and insulates

Using x-ray vision to detect unseen gold

Japan seeds clouds to boost Tokyo rain

Deep-ocean carbon sinks

Alstom opens new hydropower industrial site in China

Warming Antarctic seas likely to impact on krill habitats

Change of Venue for NASA's IceBridge Antarctic Operations

Arctic ice shrinking in volume, too: ESA


Flame cultivation promising as weed control method for cranberry
Cranberries are important agricultural commodities in states such as Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Washington, and Oregon. But cranberry-growing operations are challenged by weeds, which com ... more

New weapons on the way to battle wicked weeds
A somber picture of the struggle against super-weeds has emerged as scientists described the relentless spread of herbicide-resistant menaces like pigweed and horseweed that shrug off powerful herbi ... more

Sewage treatment removes widely used home and garden insecticides from wastewater
Even though sewage treatment plants are not designed to remove tiny amounts of pesticides, they do an excellent job of dealing with the most widely used family of home and garden insecticides. ... more

Indonesian volcano spews towering column of smoke
A volcano in western Indonesia erupted Tuesday for the second time this week, hurling a three-kilometre column of red-hot smoke and ash into the sky and forcing thousands more people to flee their homes. ... more
Space News from
In first, SpaceX launches recycled rocket and spaceship

Boeing tapped to sustain Space-Based Space Surveillance system

NASA uses AI to uncover eighth planet circling distant star

Lockheed Martin and NEC to Enhance Satellites, Space Travel with Artificial Intelligence

No alien 'signals' from cigar-shaped asteroid: researchers

RS-25 Engine Test is Giant Step for 3-D Printing

NanoRacks Integrates Largest New Shepard Payload Manifest to Date


Throw away replaces take away for Danish restaurant


China activist still seeks democracy after 50 year fight


Brazil's soybean bonanza hampered by choking ports


Alstom opens new hydropower industrial site in China


Thai police seize nearly 200 pangolins


US slaps high dumping tariffs on Chinese wood products


China's hunger for soya more animal than vegetable


Rwanda's ruling party set for parliament election landslide


Airlift launched for tourists in flooded Acapulco


Chinese demand fuels record soy crops in South America

Soy rules in Latin America as China, Europe beckon

Senate Democrats eye new gun laws, action unlikely

Amazon deforestation due in part to soybean growing

China announces new submersible craft for deep water research

Death toll from Colorado floods rises to eight

Science supporting abundant, nourishing food for a growing civilization

Plants in space: A novel method for fixing plant tissue samples maximizes time, resources, and data

MSU lands first drone

Carbon farming schemes should consider multiple cobenefits

'Grassroots action' in livestock feeding to help curb global climate change

Australian tarantula venom contains novel insecticide against agricultural pests

UCSB researcher explores relationship between landscape simplification and insecticide use

Typhoon hits Japan as Fukushima operator releases water into sea

Doomed deer freed to feed China's elusive tigers

Africa's 'right-on' whale capital

Mongolia environmentalists held after shot at parliament: reports

Democrats lose out in Macau elections

Rare twin storms batter Mexico, 34 dead

Death toll from Colorado floods rises to seven

Mythical sea creature joins bid to ban bottom trawling

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