Hottest day follows hottest night in Germany
BERLIN (AFP) Aug 08, 2003
Daytime temperatures in Germany hit a new record on Friday as the country emerged from its hottest night on record, with thermometers not expected to cool until the middle of next week.

A weather institute at Perl Nenning in the west of the country recorded a temperature of 40.8 degrees Celsius (105 degrees Farenheit) on Friday, breaking the previous record of 40.2 degrees, set in 1983.

The blistering Friday followed the previous night's record 26.7 degrees -- the highest night-time temperature since records began in the late 19th century -- recorded in western Germany's Weinbiet bei Neustadt.

Meanwhile a poll showed 42 percent of Germans were enjoying the current heatwave gripping much of western Europe, while 35 percent thought it was too hot, including the 22 percent who said they were suffering in the heat.

The elderly complained the most, and women more than men, according to the poll of just over 1,000 people for the Bildwoche weekly magazine.