Water tanks best for bullet-proofing cars
PARIS (AFP) Jun 30, 2004
Norwegian scientists have come up with a smart and cheap way of bulletproofing cars by lining the vehicles with flat tanks which, when filled with water, provide excellent protection against gun attack.

The problem with conventional armour-plating is that metal is very heavy and is a big waste of fuel when the car is being driven when the occupants are not at risk.

Researchers at Norway's Forsvarets Institute have found a way around this by building several large, flat, watertight tanks into the sides of car, New Scientist reports.

Each tank is thin, like a domestic radiator, made from plastic or light metal, and has several energy-absorbing carbon-fibre sheets stacked inside.

When the tank is empty, it offers no protection against bullets, but adds little weight.

But if the tank is filled before a risky journey, the combination of sheets and water provides a superb shield.

The device has been tested against high velocity rounds and has now been patented, the British weekly reports in next Saturday's issue.