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March 09, 2013
Spot the difference - oranges and lemons
London, UK (SPX) Mar 08, 2013
A computer recognition system that is 99% accurate can identify different fruits and vegetables, even the particular strain of apples or plums, for instance. Research to be published in the International Journal of Applied Pattern Recognition in March explains how challenging this issue has been until now and shows how it could be used in agricultural science and perhaps to improve efficiency in the growing and food industries as well as at the supermarket. Shiv Ram Dubey and Anand Singh Jal ... read more
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Hidden genome unveils how plants adapt to global environments
Scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies have identified patterns of epigenomic diversity that not only allow plants to adapt to various environments, but could also benefit crop prod ... more

Scientists improve transgenic 'Enviropigs'
A research team at the University of Guelph has developed a new line of transgenic "Enviropigs." The new line of pigs is called the Cassie line, and it is known for passing genes on more reliably. T ... more

African governments giving land away quickly, recognizing land rights slowly
While African governments are moving gradually towards protecting the land rights of rural people and indigenous communities, they are moving quickly to give away community forests and other lands f ... more
24/7 News Coverage


Canada's glaciers could shrink by a fifth by 2100
A fifth of Canada's glaciers could be gone by the end of the century, a casualty of global warming that would drive a 1.4-inch (3.5-centimeter) rise in sea levels, a study found Thursday. ... more


Ancient fossils hint at colder Britain
An exceptionally well-preserved woolly rhinoceros fossil from 42,000 years ago has revealed Britain was "severely cold" then compared to today, researchers say. ... more
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CubeSats, SmallSats and MicroSats

New method for greenhouse gas predictions
Pulp and paper producers are among Canada's most important industries and also one of the largest producers of wastewater. Estimating the greenhouse gas emissions in this wastewater has become a pri ... more

A new technique to simulate climate change
Scientists are using ever more complex models running on ever more powerful computers to simulate the earth's climate. But new research suggests that basic physics could offer a simpler and more mea ... more
24/7 Energy News Coverage
Software enables robots to be controlled in virtual reality

Laser-boron fusion now 'leading contender' for energy

Scientists develop new mode of energy generation from bituminous coal

Sustainable dams - are they possible

Britain seeks closer ties to China's Belt and Road

Single-photon detector can count to 4

Discovery sets new world standard in nano generators


Reconstruction of climate shows significance of recent temps
Using data from 73 sites around the world, scientists have been able to reconstruct Earth's temperature history back to the end of the last Ice Age, revealing that the planet today is warmer than it ... more

Accurate water vapour measurements for improved weather and climate models
An humidity sensor developed by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), the SEALDH laser hygrometer, has proven its worth when used aboard an aircraft; it fulfils all pre-conditions to be u ... more

'Climate-smart strategies' proposed for spectacular US-Canadian landscape
A new report from the Wildlife Conservation Society Canada (WCS Canada) creates a conservation strategy that will promote wildlife resiliency in the Southern Canadian Rockies to the future impacts o ... more
Turn key solar systems for domestic and commercial installations
Solar systems for home and business installations

spacecraft sub-system supplier
CubeSats, SmallSats and MicroSats

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison & Memory Foam Mattress Review

Training Space Professionals Since 1970

Earth Is Warmer Today Than During 70 to 80 Percent of the Past 11,300 Years
With data from 73 ice and sediment core monitoring sites around the world, scientists have reconstructed Earth's temperature history back to the end of the last Ice Age. The analysis reveals that th ... more

Stocking Florida Bass Could Alter Interconnected Streams
A genetic analysis by Baylor University biologists suggests that the stocking of Florida bass in Texas reservoirs impacts bass populations far beyond the actual stocking location. The native l ... more
Military Space News, Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense
Revealed: the Pentagon's secret UFO-hunting program

NATO urges Russia to respond to US missile concerns

N.Korea must 'earn its way back to table,' Tillerson tells UN

China sidesteps blame over S. Korean journalist's beating

US envoy says 'real dialogue' needed with N. Korea

Mattis emphasizes diplomacy in dealing with Iran

N. Korea 'agent' charged with WMD sale plot in Australia


Replacing soybean meal in pig diets
Canola, cottonseed, and sunflower products can replace soybean meal in diets fed to pigs, but they contain less protein and energy. To determine if it makes economic sense to use them, producers nee ... more

Discovery of genetic mechanism allowing potato cultivation in northern latitudes
An international team of scientists headed by Wageningen University, part of Wageningen UR, has discovered a genetic mechanism which allows potato plants to develop tubers during the long days of sp ... more

Beached whale in Spain dies from ingesting plastic waste
A 4.5 tonne sperm whale that washed ashore in southern Spain died from ingesting large amounts of plastic sheets used in greenhouses on farms in the region, a scientist said Thursday. ... more
Fukushima lags in Japan tsunami recovery: official

Living through a tornado does not shake optimism

Japan riled by WHO's Fukushima cancer warning

Atoms with Quantum-Memory

Big data: Searching in large amounts of data quickly and efficiently

Neutron scattering provides data on adsorption of ions in microporous materials

Herbal defluoridation of drinking water

80% of Indian sewage flows untreated into rivers: study

New marine species discovered in Pacific Ocean

LSU researchers find new information about 'Snowball Earth' period

What Lies Beneath: NASA Antarctic Sub Goes Subglacial

Canada's glaciers could shrink by a fifth by 2100


Extinct Tassie tiger cut from wildlife protection list
A ban on the international trade of the Tasmanian tiger, the buff-nosed kangaroo rat and the pig-footed bandicoot was lifted Thursday - because the species have been extinct for decades. ... more

Polar bear trade ban voted down
Delegates to an endangered species conference in Thailand have voted down a U.S. proposal to ban cross-border trade in polar bears and their parts. ... more

Chinese activist now in US: State Dept
Chinese writer and blogger Lu Haitao is now in the United States, a top US official said Thursday, refusing to confirm whether he has been given asylum. ... more

Governments falling short in drought fight: UN
Governments worldwide are failing to do enough to tackle drought, which lacks the headline-making punch of a hurricane but can have an equally devastating human and economic impact, the UN weather agency warned Thursday. ... more
Space News from
2 rookie astronauts, and cosmonaut blast off to ISS

'Dragon back' as cargo reaches space station

SpaceX resupply truck Dragon on route to ISS for space research delivery

Opportunity Comes to a Fork in the Road

Thales Alenia Space signs 3 contracts for NASA's deep space exploration

Initial results and data from observations of 'Oumuamua

Planting oxygen ensures a breath of fresh air


EU court rejects Polish challenge to CO2 emissions system


Earth on track to be hottest in 11.3 millennia: study


Venezuela reforms at risk from transition


Myanmar shelter offers refuge for HIV patients


Marauding lions kill two in Zimbabwe


Floating tsunami trash to be a decades-long headache


When Good Food Goes Bad: Strengthening the US Response to Foodborne Disease Outbreak


Illinois town provides a historical foundation for today's bee research


For birds, red means 'go'


Remains of extinct giant camel discovered in High Arctic by Canadian Museum of Nature

Alligator relatives slipped across ancient seaways

Herbal defluoridation of drinking water

Pour, shake and stir

Wild pollinators increase crop fruit set regardless of honey bees

Millions of Indians facing worst drought in decades

Netherlands shares flood control expertise

Late winter snowstorm shutters US government

Hope and despair as Japan marks tsunami anniversary

Q and A on Japan's disaster two years on

Tibetan self-immolators inspire Chinese painter

Two rhino poachers gunned down in India

International ban on polar bear trade rejected

China divorces spike to escape property tax

African elephants face 'alarming declines'

Scientists call for legal trade in rhino horn

Pixels guide the way for the visually impaired

Loss of wild insects hurts crops around the world

Using photosynthesis to make chemical compounds

Long predicted atomic collapse state observed in graphene

New material allows fuels to be produced while reducing CO2 emissions

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